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Get the answers on the most commonly asked questions
Get the answers on the most commonly asked questions
The following is a collection of the most frequently asked questions. This collection is regularly updated with new questions and matching answers.

Why does some fonts fail to print correctly?

Print TrueType as graphics dialogIf the fonts uses a 'default' font like Arial instead of the real font, you will have to tell your printer fonts as graphics. To change this, click Start->Settings->Printers. From the Printers Folder, right-click on your Printer and select Properties from the popup menu. Browse through the different tabs until your find an option to 'Print TrueType as graphics' (see picture). When you have found this, select it and click OK to close the dialog.

How do I change the font sample-text, used in compare-mode?

The compare-mode uses the first line in the text-window in edit-mode. Change to edit-mode and write the wanted sample, then change back to edit-mode.

I'm having trouble removing some of my fonts, what's wrong

If you want to delete some of your installed fonts, I suggest you select the "Installed fonts"-option in the View-menu. This loads all your fonts, including all the different font-styles. Ex. the Arial font will be several fonts, like "Arial Bold", "Arial Italic" and "Arial Underline". When viewing your fonts with the "Screen fonts"-option the Arial fonts only shows *one* occurrence - "Arial".

Why can't I print or view the Windows 95 font sample?

To use the default Windows 95 font sample, you need to know the filename of the font you want to view. If you're viewing "Screen fonts" or "Printer fonts" and selects the "Arial" font, FontLister doesn't know which of the "Arial"-fonts to use (Bold, Italic, Underline, etc.). Therefore, you have to view your fonts with the "Installed fonts"- or the "Fonts in a Folder"-option.

How do I install some fonts?

Simple. Just select the "Fonts in a Folder"-item in the View-menu. Now browse to the directory with the fonts. Click on OK when you see the face name and filename of the fonts you want to install. All the fonts are shown in the font list to the left in the window. Select the fonts you want to use and go up in the Edit-menu and select "Install font" or "Install fonts" depending on how many fonts you would like to install.

How do I delete some fonts?

Be sure to read the "I'm having trouble removing some of my fonts, what's wrong?" question first! Select the fonts you want to remove from you system from the font list to the left. Go to the Edit-menu and select "Delete font" or "Delete fonts", depending on how many fonts you would like to delete. Notice: All fonts are placed in the Recycle Bin if you regret the removal.

Why doesn't the "Refresh"-button refresh my fonts?

The "Refresh"-button is used to refresh the windows. If you would like to reload (refresh) the font list, go to the View-menu and click the checked mode (Screen, Printer, Fonts In Folder or Installed).

I don't like the standard header and footer on my prints!

If you would like to change them, go to the File-menu and select the "Paper Setup..."-item. In this window, you can customize your header and footer. Ex. you can change the header font, tell FontLister to insert current time and/or date and the page number.

The gap between the font name and the sample is way to small/big!

Go into the Paper Setup (File -> Paper Setup...) and change the value of the splitter line. You'll see three values, the first is the actual line, the second is the minimum value for the line and the third is the maximum.

Is it possible to change the margins of my prints?

Yes! Go into the Page Setup (File -> Page Setup...) and change the values for the left, top, right and bottom margins.

I don't want to be asked if I would delete a font; can I change that?

Yes! Select the Options-menu and uncheck the "Confirm Font-delete"-item.

My computer seems to lock up when I'm using FontLister. Why's that?

It's probably because you have some bad fonts installed. Try to remove all fonts from "Bayer Corporation an AGFA Division".
  To do that, click "Start" button, then "Find -> Files or Folders". In the first window, browse to your Fonts directory (e.g. C:\WINDOWS\FONTS) as the one to search in, then type in "Bayer Corporation" (without the quotes) where it says "Containing text", and it will look for that string of text inside all your font files! When you get a bunch of fonts listed as a result, you can get rid of them right by just highlighting and deleting them. If Windows tells you they can't be deleted, right-click on the name and choose "Properties". Remove any checkmarks in any of the boxes marked "Read only" and "Archive" and such. Click OK and try deleting the file again.
  When you have removed all these fonts, reboot your system and everything should be working again. Bad fonts are typically included with HP Printers (HP Font Disks).

Some of the images on the toolbar and in the menus are missing.

Older versions of the COMCTL32.DLL file (located in your \WINDOWS Folder) are not able to show images correctly. Download newest version from the Microsoft Site to correct this. Just click here to get the install file (it's around 400 kb).

Why doesn't the memo box in Edit Mode save modified text for future sessions?

You'll have to use the Import text option. Go File->Import Text (or press Ctrl+M on your keyboard) and select a text file you want to use as your sample text. FontLister will ask you, if you want to use this text as your default text. If you confirm, FontLister will always try to load and use this file at startup.

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